Capturing Video using Firewire and dvgrab on Fedora 25

Introduction In this post we will explore how to capture video with a firewire card. We will use dvgrab along with a GrassValley ADVC 110 firewire interface. To start we will need to make a few system changes and user id changes to make this happen on Fedora 25 or any other version of Fedora. Getting Details We can see what Fedora detected in several ways. One way is to use dmesg command and look for... read more

How To Retrieve and edit MOD Movies off Panasonic Camorders

There are days that there is something you see makes you just scratch your head and go What?? Well one of those came to me when I was given a Panasonic Camcorder in which there was no software just the device and USB cable and asked to retrieve the movies and make a DVD. Upon connecting to the device I found files with the .MOD extension. Since I am running VLC I was able to double-click and was able to... read more

Data Crow for Collection Cataloging

Recently I took on the task to catalog my video and music collection. This need was driven by the fact that I was purchasing duplicate movies. The criteria was simple. It had to be able to use a barcode scanner, handle movie and audio collections, more if possible and have connections to access IMDB, Amazon and others if possible and able to run on different OS’s. And lastly the cost had to be... read more

Silicondust HDHomeRun Dual

As a longtime TV card / capture user I am always looking for new products that are easy to use and work well on many OS’s. One that I have wanted to try is Silicondust’s HDHomeRun series. After much reading I decided on HDHomeRun Dual. According to SiliconDust the HDHomeRun is a TV tuner for computers – Ethernet attached. Once connected to your home router you can access the HDHomeRun Tuners... read more

Install Kdenlive on Fedora 14/15 64 bit

Recently I rebuilt a system to run Fedora 14. One of the many jobs I plan to use it for is for video editing and one of best Linux editors in development is Kdenlive. According to the site, Kdenlive is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor, including most recent video technologies. So let’s move on to the install. Part of the issue with installing Kdenlive is that it is not in the... read more

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