EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional Review

You know how it is, we occasionally delete a file we thought we didn’t need but found out we really needed it. Or had an issue with Windows and ran the system restore or reloaded Windows and forgot all about those pictures, music and documents and thought they were lost forever. That is where Data Recovery software can be your best friend. One such program is EaseUs’s Data Recovery Pro which I have the privilege of installing and using.


Nothing to complain about here, the installation was smooth and uneventful and no reboot required. This is a good thing. Now on to the actual use of the program.


Upon startup of the application you are presented with a simple interface with three selections.

  • Deleted File Recovery- Recover deleted files with their original file names and paths.
  • Complete Recovery – Recover data due to formatting, system re-installation, power-off, virus attack, inaccessible/raw partition etc.
  • Partition Recovery – Recover data from deleted or lost partition.


The most common use for myself and probably others would be Deleted File Recovery. So, let’s just see how well it works. Click on Deleted File Recovery and the wizard begins and then asks you what you want to restore.

easeus_2Our cgoices are:

  • Graphic
  • Document
  • Email
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Other

If everything is just click next and the wizard will ask what drive to look for thje deleted files. According to the site you can also recover from external disk, USB, SD card, memory card and more. If all is good select next.

easeus_3The wizard will begin and show progress as it moves along.


Once the wizard has completed the search it will display what was found and allow you to select and restore.


I find this simple and to the point, which makes it easy to recover deleted files from an uh oh moment.

Looking at other features of the program we see Complete Recovery which can be very useful if you re-installed Windows and forgot to backup files before doing so and formatting of drives to get back those files.

The final option, Partition Recovery, has a great use when you have run the return to factory option and all data was lost scenario.

Overall I can say that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 7 is a good product and worth the $69.95 price tag!



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