How to install the FTP service on Windows Server 2008 R2


With Windows 2008 R2 Microsoft changed how to install and configure FTP. Here are the steps needed to get it installed and configured.

Installation of FTP

  • On the Start menu, click Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager.
  • In the Server Manager Pane, in the Roles Summary section, click Web Server (IIS).
  • In the Web Server (IIS) section, click Add Role Services.
  • Under Role services, select FTP Publishing Service. This will install the FTP service and the FTP management console.
  • Click Next, and then click Install.

Configuration of FTP

  • Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs.
  • Click on Turn Windows Features on or off.
  • On the left pane, expand Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Internet Information Services.
  • In the window Actions, click Add FTP Site…. The Add FTP Site window is opened.
  • Enter the following FTP site information for the TM configuration. FTP site name: myftpPhysical path: <drive>:\myftp
  • Click Next.
  • On the Binding and SSL Settings window type the IP address of the TM server: IP Address: <TM server IP address>
  • Check Start FTP site automatically. Select the option No SSL.
  • Click Next.
  • In the Authentication and Authorization Information window restrict FTP access only to the myftp account with the following settings: Authentication: Check Basic Authorization: Allow access to Specified Users; in the empty field below, enter myftp. Permissions: Check Read and Write
  • Click Finish. The FTP service is now configured.

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