Remote Desktop to Windows PC’s from Linux

Being a Systems Administrator for a living there is always the need to have to connect to Windows servers and systems to work. At work this is easy because of using a Windows XP workstation, at home it is a bit different since a majority of the systems are Linux. There is a solution for the issue and that is tsclient aka: Terminal Server Client or Remote Desktop.

Installation is easy:
$ sudo apt-get install tsclient

$ sudo yum install tsclient

Once the installation is complete you will have an entry in Gnome under Internet > Terminal Server Client.
Now that we have it open lets connect to a system.

Click Add Connection > Windows Terminal Server
Under General Section give the connection a name, usually the server name. In the Details section for host insert the ip of the system or the name of the host if you have DNS name resolution. Enter in the name and password to connect to the system and Domain if the server resides and your id are in the domain, if you want to keep the connection in the list for future use then click the Add to Favorites box in the General section. Click OK to connect.

The connection will come up in Full screen mode by default, if for some reason you need it in Windowed Mode then click Ctrl+Alt+Enter. When you are done just logoff and the session will terminate.

You can also use tsclient to connect many other protocols.

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