Upgrade Fedora 16 to Fedora 17

Good news!! Fedora 17 has been released officially in the wild. Now the fun part, do we upgrade or fresh install? Well for my part I am upgrading. easy for me there is a simple way to upgrade using PreUpgrade package from Fedora.

Open a terminal session and first make sure your system has the latest updates.

$ sudo yum update

Now lets install the preupgrade package.

$ sudo yum install preupgrade

Once the packages have been installed you are ready to start the download and installation. Start the installation process.

$ sudo preupgrade

Choose the desired release screen and click Apply. Once the downloads and installation has complete reboot your system and upon reboot  select the upgrade selection from the grub menu to complete the upgrade.

One Response to “Upgrade Fedora 16 to Fedora 17”

  1. Sourave says:

    Is there a way to roll-up (or shade, or fold) windows when mouse over (when mouse move over it will roll up or down, like being tolgegd!) ?The cairo-dock, and other docks I think, do this. And several bars also. That would be a great workaround to Gimp tool bars that keep bothering… And to double click to roll up or down is too much effort …Btw, that control-center-extra does not seem available to ubuntu, I cant also find even its sources for version 2.30.2 (my current gnome on ubuntu).Any tips on this?thx!!

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