How To Enable AAC Encoder on Ubuntu and Fedora using NeroAAC

So you have a wav file that you want to convert on Linux to MP4 format (aka AAC) and want to know how to get the encoder installed so you can use your conversion program to complete the conversion.

Well, thanks to Nero this is a possible task due to their generosity of the NeroAAC Encoder. the process we are going to use is the same for Ubuntu and Fedora. Also, we will need to install gpac: MPEG-4 multimedia framework



Now that we have the encoder installed we can convert from the command line.

neroAacEnc [options] -if <input-file> -of <output-file>

<input-file>  : Path to source file to encode.
The file must be in Microsoft WAV format and contain PCM data.
Specify – to encode from stdin.
<output-file> : Path to output file to encode to, in MP4 format.

There is also two other applications included in the zip file, neroAacTag and neroAacDec for tagging and decoding AAC/MP4 files. You can install them as follows.

Now you have all you need to convert, decode and tag a Microsoft WAV file to AAC/MP4 on Linux!


4 Responses to “How To Enable AAC Encoder on Ubuntu and Fedora using NeroAAC”

  1. Tung says:

    Thank you. It helps me when setup mediashare.

    • Rick Lee says:

      I’m using 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) and as of April 19, 2016 the problems outlined in your link posted October 30, 2014 didn’t occur for me. Perhaps the library issues have been resolved now?

      • newlife007 says:

        I have not visited this on Ubuntu in awhile and will have to take a look into it and see if it is still relevant with the newer versions. This was done on an older release. Thanks for the heads up!

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