How To Install Reaper on Fedora 34

How To Install Reaper on Fedora 34


One of my favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is Reaper. In  the past to run Reaper you had to use WINE or other methods but as luck would have it they have been releasing a version for Linux so I thought would give it a try on Fedora 34 running KDE Plasma Desktop.


REAPER, fully featured with no artificial limitations. You can evaluate REAPER in full for 60 days. A REAPER license is affordably priced and DRM-free.

For the post I am using Fedore 34 KDE Spin running on an Intel Core i7 10th gen with 16 GB RAM, 512 GB NVMe SSD with an Intel Iris Plus graphics card. Nothing fancy but good enough for medium Audio and Video production.


First we need to download Reaper from select the x86_64 bit version. At the time of this post the release is 6.29.

Extract the downloaded file to ~/reaper which will create the reaper_linux_x86_64 sub directory. Open a terminal session and change to ~/reaper directory. There are a few requirements for Reaper.


  • libc6, libstdc++ for gcc 4.x or later
  • libgdk-3 (you can also target headless or libgdk-2 if you build your own libSwell from WDL, see below)
  • ALSA

Note: You can run REAPER directly from the extracted directory by navigating to REAPER/ and run “./reaper”.

If you would like to install REAPER to your system (either globally in /opt, or in ~/opt) and/or integrate with the desktop environment, you can run the included “” script from the terminal. It will offer you choices on how to proceed. If you choose to install REAPER, the script will also generate an uninstall script in order to remove it at a later date. For my preference I already have Reaper where I want it so we will choose to integrate with the desktop option, option A.

From the terminal in the ~/reaper/reaper_linux_x86_64 directory execute ./

Reaper Install Script

Now you are ready to run. the installer will put a link to Reaper in Multimedia.

Reaper Main

Another option is to install to /opt.

Start the run the script and type I for this option.

Reaper install options

Next you will be prompted where to install Reaper. We are installing to /opt which is option 1.

Rreaper install options_2

Next prompt asks to create the symlink and create the Desktop shortcut and to proceed with the installation.

Reaper install options_3

Installation is complete.

Reaper install options_4

Uninstalling Reaper

There are several options for uninstalling Reaper. If you used option A (Add to user desktop the uninstall is simple. Rerun the with –remove-user-desktop and then delete Reaper from your Home directory.

Reaper remove desktop

If you installed Reaper, option I, Reaper will create an uninstall script. If installed to /opt the script to run is /opt/REAPER/



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