How To Use Consistent_Lun setting on VMAX Initiator Groups


Using the consistent_lun setting we eliminate the issue where different devices show different lun id’s. This is more prevalent with ESX Hosts. For this to work the flag must be set at creation time of the host and parent initiator groups.  In this post we will cover how to complete the task.

Step 1 – Create Host Initiator Groups

The first step is to create the host initiator groups using the symaccess command

Use the -detail flag to see that it is switched.

Step 2 – Create Parent Initiator Groups

Now that we have created the host initiator group and have set the consistent_lun flag we need to create the parent initiator group and set the consistent_lun flag as well. In this example we are creating we are creating a parent initiator group called ESX_PROD_WINDOWS_IG and assigning three host initiators to the group, all of which were created using the consistent_lun flag.

As with the Host initiator group we can use -detail to validate the group was created correctly.


If you try to add a host initiator group that does not have the consistent_lun flag you will be stopped from adding and will get the following error.


As we can see using the consistent_lun flag we can force consistency with lun id’s when storage is shared between many hosts. This is a good practice as it reduces the amount of possible data corruption and access errors hen used.

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