How To Install and Play Quake 2 on Windows 10


In keeping with an earlier post on Installing and Playing DOOM 2 on Windows 10, I’d thought I made keep up the retro gaming theme and post how to install and play Quake 2 on Windows 10. Who doesn’t like playing the old PC games!

For this to happen we will be using KMQuake II and will also need the quake2 3.24 patch which can be found at the same site. Of course you will need your Quake II installation CD.


Installation of Quake 2 is pretty straight forward. The installer will run on Windows with no issues. You can let it install to the default location but, I prefer to install it to the C:\games\Quake2. The reason I choose to do this is due to the permissions that Windows puts on Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories.

Insert the CD and run setup.exe. Select Install > Next and Yes. When you get to the installation type select Maximum (400 MB) and click Next.

quake2 max

Click Change Directory from C:\Quake2 and browse to C:\games\Quake2 if that is what you choose to do, or leave as is and click Install.

quake 2 dir


KMQuake II

Now we are ready to download and install KMQuake II and the quake2-3.24 patch. Open your browser and go to Click on downloads and download the following files. – optional download

First we will need to install the patch. To do this we will need to unzip the file and copy the contents to C:\games\Quake2 or C:\Quake2 directory overwriting as prompted. Next extract the file and copy the contents to the C:\games\Quake2 or C:\Quake2 directory overwriting as prompted.


Starting Quake 2

Now we are ready to start Quake2. Navigate to C:\games\Quake2 or C:\Quake2 and double-click on kmquake2.exe.

By default the game will start in fullscreen mode at 800×600. You can create a custom config called autoexec.cfg in the C:\games\Quake2\baseq2 directory add the line set vid_fullscreen “0” save and restart the game. Once restarted you can change the video settings in Quake. Here is the final results.


Hi-Res and Third Party Texture packs

Since creating theis post I have found 32 bit textures and hi-resolution packs for Quake 2.

Download the hi-res levelshots from extract and copy to baseq2 directory.



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  1. Clay says:

    Doesn’t work for me
    I get the Setup menu, click on install.
    The screen goes black
    It thinks about it for about 30 seconds
    Then crashes

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