Blogging with your Android to WordPress

Great news for all you bloggers suffering with apps to post to your blog. WordPress for Android 2.0 has been released and is available from the Android Market.

According to the site.

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when launching the app. It provides one tap access to creating posts, moderating comments, viewing stats, and more.
Screenshot of the new Editor in Version 2.0 of WordPress for Android
Better Editor

The new formatting toolbar rests above the keyboard and allows for easy rich text editing. You can now add media content wherever you like, and edit the Title, Caption, Placement, and Size of images.

Tablet Ready
Version 2.0 has been optimized for everyday tablet use. When viewing Posts, Pages and Comments on an Android tablet, you will now see a handy scrollable list on the left.

The app is free from the Android market and installs in seconds. If you are finding ways to post from many different devices then this is an app you must try.

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