How to Copy PS3 Formatted Blu-Ray disks with ImgBurn

Recently I received a request to make copies of Blu-Ray formatted DVD’s for playing on PS3, that use the AVCHD format. The movies were not store bought so there is no encryption involved. The question was how to duplicate the DVD’s and the answer is with ImgBurn.

Basically we can use ImgBurn to create an iso of the BDMV folder and then burn the iso to DVD. All of this is being done on a Windows 7 system with a Blu-Ray burner, you must use a Blu-Ray burner, this will not work with a DVD Burner!. So first download and install ImgBurn if you do not have it. It can be found here. Now we are ready to start. Open ImgBurn and click on Mode > Build.


Insert the media to copy and click on Browse flder icon in the Source section and find the BDMV folder on the disk and select it and click Select Folder.


Next we need to select where the iso is going.  Click on the Switch to image file input and in the Destination dialog click the Browse folder button to select the destination folder.


Click on the Build icon (folder to disc) to start the process and wait. Once the ISO has been built switch to EZ-Mode picker, Mode > EZ-Mode Picker and click on the Write Image File to Disc icon, insert a blank DVD and select the ISO you just created and click on the Build icon and you are done.

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