Editing and Viewing RAW images in GIMP 2.8


In this post I have decided to post some fun items on Linux. When I was in high school I was very much into art and that has continued on through out my adult life.

DSLR cameras bring us RAW images which are big and uncompressed images in which we can make our own changes to the images. By default GIMP does not know how to handles the images so we turn to UFRaw ( project for the needed support.


If we search using yum search we see the needed packages.

$ sudo yum search ufraw

Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit

updates/pkgtags | 333 B 00:00

==================================================================== N/S Matched: ufraw =====================================================================

ufraw-common.x86_64 : Common files needed by UFRaw

ufraw.x86_64 : Raw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras

ufraw-gimp.x86_64 : GIMP plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras

From this we see we need to install ufraw and the ufraw-gimp plugin.

$ sudo yum -y install ufraw ufraw-gimp


And that’s all that is needed to add RAW image support to GIMP. GIMP will open UFRaw plugin when you select the image and show a preview of the image. Once selecting ok it will now be imported into GIMP for further manipulation.

At this point make the changes to the RAW image and export the changes to a format of your choice.


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