Enabling Server Status on Apache 2.2

Apache 2 has a nice feature to allow a server admin to view the performance of Apache. When mod_status module is enabled an HTML page will be presented to allow stats to be presented in a readable format in which refresh can be set.

Server status details:

  • The number of worker serving requests
  • The number of idle worker
  • The status of each worker, the number of requests that worker has performed and the total number of bytes served by the worker (*)
  • A total number of accesses and byte count served (*)
  • The time the server was started/restarted and the time it has been running for
  • Averages giving the number of requests per second, the number of bytes served per second and the average number of bytes per request (*)
  • The current percentage CPU used by each worker and in total by Apache (*)
  • The current hosts and requests being processed (*)


Enabling the module is easy and can be done on Apache running on Windows and other Unix / Linux systems. First lets open the Apache configuration file httpd.conf.

Find the LoadModule line

LoadModule status_module modules/

and un-comment or add it. Next we need to add the ExtendedStatus variable and set it to On, the default setting is Off.

Note: This setting applies to the entire server, and cannot be enabled or disabled on a virtualhost-by-virtualhost basis. The collection of extended status information can slow down the server.

ExtendedStatus On

Now we need to add the server-status site to Apache. You can create a virtual host for the server object and store it in the conf.d or you can just add it to the httpd.conf, the choice is yours.

Save the httpd.conf file and restart Apache, make sure to test the config changes before restarting. Open a browser and  open http://servername/server-status and you should be directed to Apache Server status page.

As you can see there is plenty of good information on the performance of the server as well as another problem determination tool.

Automatic Updates
You can get the status page to update itself automatically if you have a browser that supports “refresh”. Access the page to refresh the page every N seconds.

Display Machine Readable Status File
A machine-readable version of the status file is available by accessing the page This is useful when automatically run, see the Perl program in the /support directory of Apache, log_server_status.

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