Recently I found a piece of software that just works perfect for me in keeping track of ideas, notes and items I see but may not be near a computer or a device to write down or record that moment. In steps Evernote to the rescue.

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. It is available on all of the major phone and OS’s and is free to use. You can upgrade to premium for $45 per year, which  gives you alot of extras.

You’ll get all of Evernote’s standard features, plus:

  • Create, save and clip 1GB of new content each month
  • Add up to 50MB of ideas, files and web pages to notes
  • Search within PDFs attached to your notes
  • Offline notebooks on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Share your notebooks and allow others to edit them
  • Faster recognition of images containing text
  • Top priority support, plus live chat
  • Add a PIN to lock the app on iOS and Android
  • View a history of note versions
  • Choose to hide promotions and partner ads

The only OS that is not supported is Linux, but that’s not an issue and I am sure there will be a port at sometime when the demand increases, but in the meantime the web interface for Evernote will work just fine. My main target was my phone (iPhone 4), tablet (ASUS Transformer TF101) and my laptop (Windows 7). that covers all my bases when I am mobile and a great idea hits.

Installation is simple and registration is free. Evernote is available in the iTunes store, Google Play and for download from the site.

You can save websites, pictures notes and other items, which is great and convenient. For my purpose it eliminates all the text files off my desktop and transferring from device to device.

So if you are looking for a tool to add to your phone, tablet and computer look no further than Evernote.

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