Gramps 3.4.0 Released

This is a bit passed due but the Gramps project has released Gramps 3.4.0 The “always look on the bright side of life”. If you are interested in Genealogy and looking for an OpenSource solution, then you owe it yourself to check out Gramps. If you are a seasoned Gramps user then you owe it to yourself to download the latest version.

Version 3.4.0 of Gramps! The “always look on the bright side of life’“, a feature release.
Lots of changes and bug fixes to every part of Gramps, including XML

  • import/export, image handling, gedom handling, Gramplets, date handling,
  • citations, reports, more!
  • Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX, Linux)
  • Many translation updates

If you are new to Gramps check out my post on installing Gramps. Happy hunting !!!


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