How To Install and Play DOOM on Windows 10 in Hi-Resolution

How To Install and Play DOOM on Windows 10 in Hi-Resolution


In continuing with retro gaming we now will cover one of the games that started it all with DOOM. We will be installing DOOM on Windows 10 in Hi-Resolution. For this to work you will need to have a registered or purchased version of DOOM, the shareware version will not work. Head over to and get a copy for a great price. I recommend Ultimate DOOM.


There are several pieces you will need to download.

  • GZDoom which you can download from Select Windows 64 bit version 4.1.2 is latest as of this post.
  • Hoover1979 UltraHD Doom Texture Pack from Moddb. This is a big download and is a RAR file. You can extract the RAR file with 7-Zip if you do not have one.

Install GZDoom

Installation of GZDoom is straight forward. Just unzip the to a directory and you are done.

Install DOOM

Follow normal installation process for DOOM. If you have purchased the GOG version then just install following normal process. After installation is completed just copy the DOOM.WAD file to the extracted GZDoom folder.

At this point you can just double-click on gzdoom.exe and start playing DOOM, but now lets add the Hi-Resolution Textures.

Extracting Hoover1979 UltraHD Doom Texture Pack

Use 7-Zip or winrar and extract the RAR file. Once the extraction is done just copy the contents to the GZDoom folder.

Playing in Hi-Res

The Hoover1979 UltraHD Doom Texture Pack includes batch files (bat) that you just double click on for Doom or Doom 2 to run. in the case of DOOM double click on Doom – UltraHD Texture Pack.bat and let the games begin.


Happy Retro Gaming!!


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  1. Yvonne Smith says:

    Thanks so much for this! I have been looking for a way to play this game on my computer for ages! You guys rock!

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