How To Install LibreOffice 5 on Fedora 21

So the latest LibreOffice is out and you want to know how to get it installed on Fedora 21 and it is not available from RedHat. No problem! In this post we will cover how to get and install LibreOffice 5 on Fedora 21.

First we need to download the latest RPM tarball from LibreOffice testing. I am also giving the link to stable Install is the same.

Open a terminal and use wget to download it.  Note: the directory under testing and the version will change so you will have to  use a browser and check under periodically to get updated information.The information below was the version as of 8/24/2015.


$ wget

Stable Version
$ wget


$ wget

Stable Version
$ wget

Un-tar the file and get into the extracted directory.

$ tar -xvf LibreOffice_5.0.1*
$ cd LibreOffice_5.0.1.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm

Now let’s install it.

Fedora 21

$ sudo yum localinstall RPMS/*.rpm


LibreOffice will show in your application menus for KDE and GNOME and start just like you have with LibreOffice 4 series or if you prefer the command line for each component.

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/swriter

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/scalc

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/sdraw

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/smath

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/sbase

$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/simpress


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