How To Move Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 MSDTC Witness Disk to new SAN drive

This post explains how to move the MSDTC SAN drive to another drive on a Windows 2008 / 2012 cluster. For the most part you are deleting the existing cluster defined service and recreating pointing to the new drive. Before moving to the new storage drive assigned to MSDTC you will need to gather the following information.

  • MSDTC ip address
  • New and old SAN drive’s
  • Current cluster service definition

You also have to have rights in Active Directory to delete the existing MSDTC object as we will have to create a new object and lastly make sure to stop SQL from running on the cluster.

This also assumes that the new drive has been added and is available to the cluster as available storage.

Now we are ready to migrate to the new storage

  • Open Failover Cluster Manager
  • Shutdown SQL
  • Next Take the DTC service instance offline
  • Right click and delete the DTC instance
  • Delete the existing AD (Active Directory) object created for MSDTC and wait for the changes to be replicated through AD
  • Now right click on “Services and Applications” and select add new
  • Pick DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator) from the list and click next
  • Fill in the information that you noted from the old instance, but select the new disk this time.
  • Finish the wizard and make sure that the new instance is online

At this point you can restart SQL server!

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