How To Run Group Policy Editor on a Remote Windows Server


As a Windows Administrator we are always trying to minimize our effort to get our work done. Remote connectivity is always a great tool and save us valuable time when maintaining large amounts of servers. In this post we will cover the task of editing the Local group policy on a remote server.

How To Do It

Really it is pretty simple, the main thing to remember is the servers need to be on the same network.

Click Start > Run  and type mmc and press Enter.

Now we can add the Group Policy Object editor.

Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in

Under the Available Snap-ins choose Group Policy Object Editor and click Add.

In the following wizard, click the Browse button, click the “Computers” tab, select the Another computer radial button, and type the name or Browse to the remote computer

Click OK, then Finish, then Close, and finally OK
You should now see the Group Policy in the left pane for the remote computer. That’s all there is to it.

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