How To Set SNMP Forwarding on EMC Centera


Recently had the task of enabling SNMP to send alerts to a Solarwinds monitoring server. This was done to enable monitoring to the in-house solution since Solarwinds itself does not support EMC Centera at the current SRM 6.6 release. In this post we will configure the service to send to the server, set a community string and set heartbeat alerts.


Version 4.2.2

Open Centera Viewer and connect to Array. Once connected open CLI.

Run show snmp command. Should show snmp not enabled or running

Config# show snmp
SNMP enabled: Disabled
Management Station: unknown:162
Community name: public
Heartbeat trap interval: 1 minute

Next run set snmp to enable snmp, set management station (target), community string and heartbeat frequency.

Config# set snmp
Enable SNMP (yes, no) [no]: yes
Management station []:
Community name [public]: storage
Heartbeat Trap Interval [1 minute]:
Issue the command?
(yes, no) [no]: yes

Rerun show snmp to see results.

Config# show snmp
SNMP enabled: Enabled
Management Station:
Community name: storage
Heartbeat trap interval: 1 minute

Version 4.3

Commands are similar for version 4.3, instead of set snmp it is set snmp configuration.

Config# set snmp configuration
Enable SNMP (yes, no) [no]: yes
Heartbeat Trap Interval: 1
Management station:
SNMP version (v2, v3) [v2]:
Community name: storage
Issue the command?
(yes, no) [no]: yes
SNMP is successfully enabled

Config# show snmp
SNMP Configuration
SNMP Status: enabled
EngineID: not configured
Heartbeat Trap Interval: 1 minute

Configured SNMP Targets

# Address Version Identity Authenticity Privacy
——————————————————— v2 storage – –

And that is all you need to do to configure SNMP on EMC Centera.

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  1. Dan Stafford says:

    Is it possible to set “multiple” SNMP trap destination servers in Centera?

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