Scanning 35MM Slides in Batch mode with VueScan 9 and Epson Perfection V700 Photo

Scanning 35MM Slides in Batch mode with VueScan 9


This post explains optimal settings that I use for Scanning Kodak Kodachrome and Extachrome 35 mm slides using VueScan with Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner. This is an alternative to using Epson Scan application.

There are several features of the V700 for dust removal and color correction that I will be using. It adds to scan time but well worth it.


Here we will go over the individual tabs and the settings that were used.

Open Vuescan and set the options to Professional

Input Tab

Options: Professional
Task: Scan to File
Source: Perfection V700
Mode: Transparency
Media: Slide Film
Bits per pixel: Auto
Batch Scan: Auto
Frame Number: 12
Preview Resolution: Custom
Preview DPI: 667
Scan Resolution: Custom
Scan dpi: 2400 (Note: If you want a higher resolution you can go to 6400)
JPEG file name: scan001+.jpg


Crop Tab

Crop Size: Auto
Auto offset: checked
Multi crop: Auto
Show multi outline: checked
Lock aspect ratio: Off
Border(%): 0
Buffer (%): 8
Preview Area: Default


Filter Tab

Infrared clean: Light
Restore Colrs: checked
Restore fading: checked
Grain reduction: None


Color tab

For the most part I leave this to the defaults, the only options to change are based on the slide type if Kodak.

Slide vendor: KODAK


Output Tab

I am using JPEG so JPEG file is checked and JPEG file name should be what was on Input tabs JPEG file name.



At this point we are ready to scan. Click the Preview button to get the initial scan completed with the 12 slides. Once done click on scan and VueScan will cycle through the slides until done. Here is one of the results.

VueScan Test Scan

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