Windows 7 Firewall error code 0x80070424c

Recently came across a Windows 7 PC with McAfee firewall had stopped running and would stop immediately after trying to restart. When attempting to start the firewall server I received an error 0x80070424c.

Uninstalled McAfee and tried a re-install with the same results. So after uninstalling again I found Windows firewall service and the Base Filtering Engine were missing as well.
What I has found was the system had just been cleaned of malware which had deleted the services and the registry keys associated to them and had also removed Windows update service.
Here is how I was able to restore the system back to working order. First, make sure that PC is clean of any rootkits, malware, etc.. Use a good tool like Malwarebytes to remove the malware and empty out temporary Internet files and old files with a tool like CCleaner.

Next you can either export the following keys from a good clean Windows 7 system or download abd install the ones I have here. Just make sure when working with the registry that you back it up!
Download the registry files. Note: All the files are text files. Same them and rename to .reg.

Windows firewall –  mpssvc
Base filtering engine –  BFE

Launch them,You should get a UAC prompt now
Click YES  & Restart your PC

Now,Press Windows+ R key or Start > Run and type

regedt32 and click ok go to


Right click on it-permissions
Click on ADD and type
Everyone and click ok
Now Click on Everyone

Below you have permission for users
Select full control and click ok
Now,open RUN and type services.msc and click ok. Start base filtering engine service and then windows firewall service.

If you still have this error.

Windows could not start Windows Firewall on local Computer. See event log, if non-windows services contact vendor. Error code 5.

Download and launch this key and save it as sharedaccess.reg.  Once downloaded, double-click on the saved file and click YES when it asks if you want to import it into the registry.

Give full control permission to this key similar to previous one


Right click on it -permissions. Click on Add and type

Everyone and select Full control
You should able to start firewall now.

You may also be missing security center windows defender ,BITS and windows update services

Security center  – wscsvc
Windows defender – WinDefend
Windows update  –  wuauserv

Launch them and click YES when you get a UAC prompt. Now try to start the services.

18 Responses to “Windows 7 Firewall error code 0x80070424c”

  1. kevin says:

    Well for Base Filtering Engine it worked, but firewall still couldnt be started he says error code 1064 something, do you know anything about that?

    • newlife007 says:

      Do you have anymore information on the error? Also, do you have any third party firewalls running like AVG, Norton, McAfee? You need to remove and stop them as well. If McAfee is still there you may want to download their cleanup tool from here This will remove all traces. Symantec also has one called rnav and symcln that you can download and cleanup. The main thing is to make sure that you are clean first, then make sure all the reg imports are in place, permissions on the keys are good, then reboot and see if they start up.

  2. Jamie Parremore says:

    Thankyou so much i worked a treat once i added the shared access !!!

  3. andresss says:

    I was just looking for, thank you for your work

  4. Curtis says:

    Your the best, everything works great, except win defender starts then stops. A pop up comes up and says “some services stop if they are not in use by another service” also the start up type changes from auto to manual. I have bo other AV programs running. I gave everyone full access in the registry. Thanks for all the help.

  5. Richard says:

    Thank you very much for this helpful advice. I have been stuck in a mire for about 4hrs trying to unravel myself out of this riddle. I did have the BFE code but the SharedAccess remained elusive.

    I’m very appreciative.

    I also wonder how you know such things. I understand you’re an IT pro but over the years I’ve needed a few of these registry commands and Ive never understood where peoiple like you get them from. Other subjects I can see how you acquire the info but the registry just seems like reading the telephone book. Is there a simple way to understand it beyond just the top level HKEYs?

    Either way thanks again.

    • newlife007 says:

      I am glad the tip was able to help. To answer your question on the registry there is not a all in one document, Microsoft Press has a Windows Registry book but it is not up to date. I end up searching the Internet to find the keys or I spend time in the registry itself searching for the keys. Aside from the OS level registry entries each developer and company will write in their own keys. I have had times where I have spent weeks finding manufacturer’ s entries to perform custom installs and upgrades.

  6. Rémy says:

    Thanks for this repairing procedure.
    I’ve got a similar problem with the message “firewall error 0x80070424c…” after malware cleaning and was not able to activate the firewall.
    I’ve applied your instructions till BFE permissions and the firewal get activated again.
    Better than to format again 🙂
    Thanks and Bravo from France.

    • newlife007 says:

      Glad it helped, I was almost at the point of format myself before I found all the missing keys after the damage from the malware. I try to post items that are not do easily found, as those are what I tend to run into daily.

  7. Kevin says:

    I am at the current step of “Download and launch this key,click YES
    SharedAccess” But when I click on the link it opens a page with alot of numbers and letters 🙁

    Am I doing something wrong ? 🙁

    • newlife007 says:

      The link for the share access is to a text file. Right click and save it as sharedaccess.reg. Once downloaded double click on it and it should ask you if you want to import it into your registry.

  8. Russell Alexander says:

    Much as I hate the term “geek” (as a freelancer, every company I’ve done a job for with the word “geek” in their name has been pretty bad), I’m going to bookmark your site.

    Worked like a charm. Tried the MS fixes first, totally useless. You, sir, are a credit to techs and admins everywhere.

    • newlife007 says:

      I appreciate the compliments. What I post is what I have to overcome at my job and anything I can pass on that work’s I hope I have helped other admin’s like myself.

  9. Gary Guill says:

    Thank you so much for the fix!!! Macaffe wanted to charge 100 dollars to fix the firewall.

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!

    • newlife007 says:

      I am glad the post was able to help you out, that took me awhile to figure that issue out on several PC’s that I had in for repair. I am debating on starting to post more on how I repair rootkits and other troublesome issues brought into the shop for repair. First I have to get the nasty pharma hack off my site!

  10. Philipp says:

    I have another error code while opening the firewall it has the number 1068.

  11. arefeq says:

    great.. it working 4 me.. thank you.. but i still can’t gain access to the internet.. it show limited access and i already restart my modem, disable n enable adapter, 4 get the network.. im kinda sure this problem happen during my firewall problem.. plz help me.. thank you in advance..

  12. trungkiendt9 says:

    Thank you. It worked for me.

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