xterm-256color error in Fedora 18 and 19

After upgrading to the latest release of Fedora I started noticing an error when connecting to older RHEL and Solaris servers and getting an error. This change was implemented in Fedora 18 to allow for support of 256 color terminals.

xterm-256color: Unknown terminal type
I don't know what kind of terminal you are on - all I have is 'xterm-256color'

This was causing issues trying to edit configuration files on older systems which can be an issue if you support alot of older systems. This is also an issue with MacOSX Lion’s release as well.

So how do we fix the issue, well in my case I added an alias to the ~./bashrc file.

$ vi .bashrc

Add the line

alias ssh='TERM=xterm ssh'

Save the file and next time you login the changes will be in place. If you want to put them in place now just execute alias ssh=’TERM=xterm ssh’.

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