Epson 4490 Photo scanner Ubuntu

The Epson Perfection 4490 Photo scanner is not supported in Ubuntu by sane. To get the scanner to work in Ubuntu you must download and install third party software. This how to describes how I was able to install it on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 64-bit.

  1. Install libsane-extras (sudo apt-get install libsane-extras)
  2. Edit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf and uncomment epson2 if it is not done already.
  3. Go to…-external.html
  4. Scroll down and find “Perfection 4490 PHOTO” and click on the link and you’ll be redirected to Avasys
  5. Fill in the form and download iscan_2.24.0-4.ltdl7_amd64.deb iscan-plugin-gt-x750_2.1.0-5_amd64.deb for 64 bit Ubuntu
  6. Install the two files from a terminal or by double clicking. (sudo dpkg -i iscan*)
  7. Power cycle or unplug-plug back in the scanner.
  8. From the terminal test that sane finds the system (sane-find-scanner and also run scanimage -L)
  9. Open X-sane and start scanning.

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