How To Update Asus EeePC 1001P Bios

Recently an issue occurred on a very trusty Asus EeePC 1001P Netbook in which a Bios upgrade was needed. Newer systems are usually not an issue to update as it is a download , double-click on the executable and away you go.

This one was a bit different as the download file was a ROM binary and there was no double-click.

Here’s the steps to update the bios.

  • Obtain a USB stick, 1 GB is sufficient
  • Format the stick as FAT and not FAT32
  • Download the latest BIOS (version 1202 currently)
  • Unzip and copy the .ROM file to the USB stick
  • Rename the .ROM file to 1005P.ROM
  • Insert the USB stick and reboot or power on the netbook.
  • Click Alt-F2 at startup to run the BIOS update utility
  • The system will search for a USB device, find it and look for the 1005P.ROM and apply it.
  • After completed the system will prompt you to power off.

That’s all there was too it and issue resolved and back to using the Netbook. Hope this helps you as well!


One Response to “How To Update Asus EeePC 1001P Bios”

  1. David Ing says:

    Thanks for the advice on the USB key as FAT16, rather the today’s more typical FAT32. With a FAT32-formatted USB key, the BIOS update cycles, saying it can’t find a USB key.

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