How To Resolve PowerPath 6.1 Required KB Missing During Installation

The Issue

During an upgrade to PowerPath 6.1 on Windows 2008 R2 server received an error for missing KB 2921916 and 3033929.



The first one is about Schannel and is 2014 release

The second one is a SHA-2 patch from 2015

The above KB patches are for SHA-2 related patches dating 2014 and 2015. Further digging showed that KB3033929 has been superseded by KB3045685 (MS15-038),-2015.

Looking at the affected systems found the patches were applied but the superseded patch is the issue PowerPath is complaining about, so the since we know what it needs exists how do we install the update.

Using PowerShell we can look for the installed KB’s.

Get-HotFix -Id KB3045685

In the PowerPath 6.1 release notes.

Supported Windows Server distribution notes
The following list provides a quick overview of supported Windows Server distributions. Support is for x64 only. If you require support for 32-bit, submit a Request for Product Qualification (RPQ).

Windows Server 2008
On Windows Server 2008 R2, the host must have KB 2921916 and 3033929 (superseded by KB3045685 (MS15-038)) installed to support the PowerPath 6.1 SHA-2 drivers. Run NO_KBCHECK=1 during CLI-based installation to avoid the verification of the installed KBs. The host must also have Microsoft hotfix KB-979710 only when Microsoft Failover Cluster feature is installed.

The Fix

Based on the release notes, here is the command: Open a command prompt with elevated privileges.

c:\temp\EMCPower.X64.signed.6.1.b295.exe /v"/L*v C:\logs\PPsetup.log NO_KBCHECK=1"

The value 1 will ignore SHA-2 KBs check in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and SP2 hosts.
Note that in the above example the c:\logs folder must exist prior to running the command or you will encounter “Error opening the installation log.”

Follow the normal installation process and reboot when prompted.

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