How to List the TDEV Members of a META on VMAX


So you have created a META and have come to a point where you need to know what TDEV are a member. Either need it for reclaiming of space or any other option.In this post we will explore several commands to get the information you are looking for.

Get META Members from a META

First list all the meta’s that are in use on the VMAX and look for the device you are interested in getting data on. You do this by running the command.


Now we have a list of all the META’s on the VMAX, from here we can use a TDEV  entry in the Sym column of the output for more information. So we move on to the next command.


Show details for a META

Getting the details is a simple symdev command to the device properties. Run the command.

Look for Meta Device Members


Another way to get a list of META’s and their members is by using the following command

In the output of the command the device that is the META head will have a uppercase “M” and all it’s members will be listed below with a lowercase “m” as well as a – for the Cap (MB), only the META head will show a value in Cap. In this example




As we can see we can easily get the META information needed for operations on VMAX.




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